We truly feel part of a family. We have found a church where we can worship with understanding and depth, grow in our faith and enjoy the most wonderful community of friends.
I like that when I'm at church I can be in a positive environment with friends and know our conversations will be uplifting.
I like serving in church, it makes me feel responsible and it allows kids to participate.
I love learning interesting Bible stories and acting them out, my teachers have the best surprises.
I'm always learning something new at church and how to incorporate the Bible lessons into everyday life.
My teachers are so nice, I love art and playing games.
In Sunday School I feel like I have a chance to learn how to respond to difficulties and problems I face at school and in life.
I like everything about Sunday School!
Sunday School is so much fun, they make me excited to learn about God.
Fr Anthony is funny and very welcoming. He makes you feel happy whenever you are around him, I like that.
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