Our Core Values

Limitless Acceptance

We believe that every person who enters our church is the most important person in the world. That person is sent by God and should be loved and accepted as such.

Authentic Community

We believe God created the church to fulfill our relational needs in addition to our spiritual needs. We reject superficiality in relationships with one another just as we reject superficiality in our relationship with God.

Transformational Communal Worship

We gather to be transformed by the real Presence of God in our midst every time we meet. Liturgical prayer is not just a routine; it is life-giving and real. It is the center of our life as a family.

Passionate Pursuit of God

We don’t stop worshipping after we leave the church. We seek to live passionate lives for God, pursuing Him every day through prayer, Bible reading, giving, witnessing and everything we do.

Christ-like Integrity

We believe that our personal integrity is the greatest reflection of our relationship with Christ. We know that true spiritual maturity is measured by obedience, not knowledge.

Faith-filled Vision

We believe in a big God and we rely on Him to do extraordinary things in our lives. We are not surprised when God does a miracle; we are more surprised when He doesn’t.

Irrational Generosity

We genuinely believe it is more blessed to give than to receive and we seek opportunities to express our love to God by sacrificing our time and our money.

Faithful Stewardship of Talents/Gifts

We believe that each one of us is entrusted by God with specific talents and gifts. It is our duty to use those gifts to further Christ’s mission on earth.

Personal Call to Evangelism

We believe that the call to evangelism and witnessing applies to us just as much as it did to the Apostles in the early church. God will hold me accountable to its completion.

Genuine Love for our Community

We bleed with love for the community around us – especially those who are without Christ. We don’t just care about spiritual needs, but physical, emotional, and social needs as well. We seek to be a true blessing to the community in whatever way we can.