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Lent + holy week

Welcome! We hope you’ll find everything you need to attend, participate and fully benefit from Lent and Holy Week 2019 at STSA.



What is Lent?

Not really clear on what Lent is all about? Here's an overview of the seven weeks of Lent and what the Church reminds us to focus on.

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A Personal Retreat Guide

Christians need space, time and solitude to reflect on God’s activity in their life, and to reconnect with God in meaningful ways. Just as Jesus retreated to the hills to reflect and be alone with God, His followers can seek out a place and time to draw closer to God, be it at home or at a retreat center.


holy week services 2019

Preparing for Holy Week sermon

Preparing for Holy Week, a sermon by Fr. Anthony


How to benefit


living holy week:

a printable daily guide

This is a brief guidebook that explains Holy Week day by day, and is meant to be read before the appropriate service of Holy Week, serving as a roadmap for what you will experience.

the seven words of our lord on the cross [free download]

Seven pronouncements were made by Our Lord in His passion on the Cross. They were a lifeblood for us all. At very few instances did He talk during His trial or while being tortured and reviled. He forfeited His own right, and conceded His self-respect. But while on the Cross, He spoke out for our sake, our benefit and salvation. Each word had its own impact.

thine is the power and the glory [free download]

This book has contemplations by His Holiness Pope Shenouda III on the prayer that is chanted during The Holy Passion Week by the Coptic Orthodox Church, “Thine is the Power and the Glory and the Blessing and the Honour, forever Amen”.



stream services here

HOly week hymns

Listen to 22 specific Coptic Hymns for Holy Week in English.


The Lectionary of holy week

The English Holy Week Lectionary is a collection of scripture readings appointed for each day of the Holy Week. Also available as ibook


Kids and Teens

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There are a variety of activities available at the doors of the church each day of the week. In addition, parents can download the following resources ahead of time.