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Relationships. They aren't easy. Sometimes it can feel like trying to navigate your way through a wild jungle. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Help is on the way! In our newest series at The Well, INTO THE WILD, we’ll look at some of the major pitfalls and misperceptions that keep us stuck in a relational rut. We’ll discuss the differences God designed in men and women and discover what it takes to win relationally.


Week 1: The INDISPUTABLE Laws of RElationships

Sometimes men and women can seem like entirely different beings. Why did God make us so different? As frustrating as it could be, sometimes we have to embrace the differences with a bit of humor. Check out the video and continue the conversation with these discussion topics.

  • What was one piece of research that surprised you? 
  • What are the differences in how women and men communicate? What about how they handle stress? 
  • Can you think of an example where you've misunderstood a situation with the opposite sex?  
  • Why do you think God made men and women so different?