About the Series

Based on the book, "The Kindness Challenge," the goal of this series at The Well is to provide an opportunity to improve at least one relationship in our lives through a 30 day challenge we all do together.

All you have to do to is choose one person as the target of your kindness and commit to doing 3 things every day for that person:


Join the challenge with a start date of April 23! 

The research found that if someone does these 3 simple things for 30 days, 89% of relationships improve. And while the challenge may or may not impact the other person, it will definitely change YOU!


What’s Your Kindness Quotient? 

Are you Captain America or Miss Piggy? We may not be as kind as we think we are. Want to know where you're doing well, and what you most need to work on? Find out by taking this assessment!

WAtch the SEries 


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Spread a Little Kindness

We'd love to hear from you about how the Kindness Challenge is impacting your relationship. Here are some ideas of what you could share: 

  • How did you choose a person for the challenge? 
  • How has the relationship with that person changed? 
  • How have you changed? 
  • What have you discovered through the exercises in the challenge? 
  • Would you try the challenge again with another person? 
Share your story of how the Kindness Challenge has impacted you!