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Regal Springfield Town Center 12

When rebellion creeps into their family, Charlie and Alice realize their approach to raising children isn’t working, and they start searching for answers. But is it too late? Family Life’s first feature film explores the joys and heartaches of parenting. Through a journey that unfolds over 50 years, Charlie and Alice discover the power of family and learn that knowing and living by God’s word is the most important key to parenting with purpose. Executive produced by Alex and Stephen Kendrick, Barbara and Dennis Rainey, and Bob Lepine, and directed by Kevin Peeples, Like Arrows comes to movie theaters nationwide for only two nights--May 1st and May 3rd. In addition to the feature content, audiences will enjoy an exclusive panel discussion featuring the producers.

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family concert on April 21st 

Saturday, April 21st @ 4:00 pm 

Riverside Church, 21631 Ridgetop Circle, Sterling VA 20166

Tickets are $10

Slugs & Bugs want families to sing together, laugh together, and think deeply together about the meaning of life and the nature of God. Those shared experiences will translate into stronger relationships in the family and a deeper understanding of their relationship with Jesus. 

Deep down, you know how important it is to connect with your teens and you know you can do it if only you had a framework. This video series will teach you to foster a better connection by:

1.  Giving you a practical framework to think about the culture your teens inhabit

2.  Teaching you the 4 keys to connect with your teens

3.  Helping you see where you are today and where you want to go in the future with our Teen Connection Map Assessment



Kids love to learn from other kids so show this to your kids and see if they can retell the AMAZING story of resurrection. 


saturday, may 5th

All 6th-8th Graders are invited to join us for a day of fun, competition, prizes and food! Sign-up by April 30th.  


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A happy sunday

CHRIST IS RISEN!  TRULY HE IS RISEN!  We are excited to share this month's lesson with your kids because it's all about the resurrection of Christ!  Check out the resources below so you can help your little one sing along with this month's song, learn the Bible verse and jump into the Bible story with the Bible App for Kids.  

Download Bible App for Kids so you can review this month's theme with your kids.  They can follow along in the story and have fun bringing the characters to life.  

The Bible App for Kids Curriculum for preschoolers was created to help engage kids ages 2 through 5 with Jesus and the Bible. The lessons feature lively host Emily, animated characters like Shine and Blinky, and animated stories from the Bible App for Kids. 

Teachers will use live props, music, videos and storybooks to bring the lesson to life.  Kids will get to take home an Adventure Book each week so you can see what they learned and reinforce the verse and key points with your kids at home.  

We're also very excited to to make Sunday mornings easier and safer for your kids.  After Liturgy, we ask that you have your kids use the restroom and then beginning at 11:10 we will begin the check in process.  You simply come to the Check-In Table on the third floor and tell us your name so we can find you in our system. We will give you a name tag to put on your child that lists their first and last name, any allergies, and a unique code.  We will also give you a parent pick-up tag with that same unique code that you will use to pick up your child immediately after The Well.  



a happy sunday


In the lesson "A Happy Sunday," preschoolers age two to five will learn the Easter story of Jesus' resurrection. 

LISTEN to this month's song and download the lyrics HERE


This Month's Verse

See if your child can remember the hand motions that go with each part of the verse and then have them teach it to you!





Christ is Risen!  Truly He has Risen!

After such an amazing Journey remembering all that Christ did for us because He Loved Us enough to put US first, we are excited to kick-off this post-Easter month with a new theme all about:


Week 1 we will take a look at one disciple, THOMAS, who had a hard time believing the Resurrection happened even though all his friends told him they saw Jesus... I never thought about it before, but the Bible says, Jesus made Thomas wait EIGHT DAYS later before He appeared to him.  Thomas learned a true lesson in HUMILITY, which is all about LETTING GO OF WHAT WE WANT (Or think we deserve)

Week 2 we will take a look at another disciple, PETER, who had to come to grips with the fact that he denied Christ 3 times... he truly was sorry, so his lesson in HUMILITY was all about MAKING THINGS RIGHT.

Week 3 we will take a look at a person who truly understood what it meant to put others first, a widow who didn't have much - but gave what she had.  She put others first because she followed God's example - and God puts others first.  



Helping Your Kids Develop Humility

Humility is one of the most desperately needed character traits. How can we develop this trait in our children?




jesus is . . .


Sometimes it can be hard to follow God.  This week we're answering, "What should we do when people make us feel ashamed or awkward for being Christians?"

Echristos Anesti! Alithos Anesti! Christ is Risen! Truly He is Risen!  We say these words every Pascha and for the Holy 50 days, but do we Truly believe it?! Jesus made a lot of claims while He was on Earth of Who He was/is. If we truly believe them, then shouldn’t our lives be different?  That is exactly what we will be exploring this month in our new series called IF/THEN.  


If Jesus IS God, THEN...we should follow Him. People were so convinced of this truth, that they suffered and died professing the divinity of Christ. We know them today as Martyrs. We hear their stories on Sunday. Would we be that brave? Could we be that brave? Watch this video on the right with your kids and talk about how they can be an everyday martyr.  Week 1, we will look at the story of St. Longinus, the centurion believed to be the soldier who pierced Jesus’ side at the cross, and his amazing transformation after he chose to follow Christ.


If Jesus IS the Good Shepherd, THEN...we should trust Him. After all a shepherd lays down his life for his sheep. But why sheep? We are compared to sheep so much in the Bible–what exactly does this tell us about our relationship with God. Week 2 we will look at the words Jesus said in John 6 and how much TRUST we should be putting in our loving Shepherd.


Dumb, Directionless, Defenseless

When God says that we are sheep who need a shepherd, he doesn’t mean it as a compliment to us. It is just a very realistic assessment of who we are and what we need.  Read on to find out how we are a lot more like sheep than we care to admit. 


Want to be satisfied? Talk to your kids about how we control our thoughts and deal with the temptations we face everyday


If Jesus IS the BREAD of LIFE, THEN...we can be Satisfied. The world has its own definition of what should be satisfying us...but it really is all a lie. Food will make us hungry again, people will disappoint us, and water will leave us thirsty once more. Only Jesus promised us that if we abide by His words and believe in Him will we be fully satisfied. How do we train our thoughts to truly believe that? Check out the video on the left and discuss it with your kids. Week 3 we will examine a parable Jesus told about a House built on ROCK versus a House built on SAND as we explore the importance of FOUNDATIONS in our own lives.  Perhaps the temporary fixes are ok in the short-run, but when the storm comes–the foundation is what will matter...and Jesus...His is the only foundation that holds up.

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