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Your little ones will quickly pick up on this hymn and connect it with the Bible stories they already know.


Holy Week Services and Events

Visit STSA.Church/holyweek or the Lent & Holy Week button on the STSA app for everything related to Holy Week. You'll find the Holy Week Service Schedule with parking information as well as a wide range of resources for adults and youth of all ages. We also have two upcoming church-wide events: Palm Cross Making on April 20th at 5PM at CUMC and our Annual Easter BBQ on April 28th at 11am at Quincy Park in Arlington. Save the dates!


Journey with our Lord Jesus Christ through the events of the Holy Pascha Week and color each page!


Teens Guide for Holy Week highlights the most crucial and important events of Holy Week. It is a simple yet detailed description of the day-by-day and night-by-night events that took place during the final week of Christ's life, giving relevant contemplations and practical applications that suites teenagers. The book contains sayings of the Fathers and what their thoughts are on certain events that took place during the Passion of Christ. Within are also small reflections which aim to help Teens meditate on the current happenings in your own life or to further reflect on the meaning behind certain words or events.



A donkey and the king

God is big, strong, amazing, and wonderful! He made you and gave you everything you have. Give it all back to God to worship Him. Show how much you love Him! In this unit, we'll talk about Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem and look at how kids can use anything—like palm leaves—to worship God.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars to join us for Palm Cross making on Saturday, April 20th at 5pm at CUMC. Your little ones will see the big palm branches and you can teach them how to make their own cross to wear the next day for Palm Sunday.

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Talk with God

This month we’re encouraging our little ones to learn the Lord’s Prayer. Here are some coloring sheets to help you teach your child the Lord’s Prayer. For younger ones, try just one line at a time and slowly add a line as they learn.

Practice this prayer in the morning as they wake, in the car, before meals and at bedtime. You’ll be shocked at how quickly they can pick this up with some repetition.

Lord’s Prayer Coloring Book




Nothing sheds LIGHT on darkness like HOPE.  HOPE is Believing Something Good can come out of Something Bad.

Memory Verse of the Month:  "In this World you will have trouble. But take heart!  I have overcome the World." John 16:33b

This month we will be focusing on the HOPE of EASTER.  Before Jesus came to Earth, we were living in a lot of darkness… and He came to bring us LIGHT, TRUTH… LIFE. 


We will hear the story of Lazarus, a really good friend to Jesus, who died… but was resurrected.  Because whatever happens, we need to remember how POWERFUL God really is


We will follow Jesus along His ministry to show the HOPE He brought all of us.  Although it ended up that He was arrested and crucified because of His message – the Hope is that Whatever Happens we need to Remember Jesus’ promises and remember that God Knows what He is doing.


We will follow Jesus along His ministry to show the HOPE He brought all of us.  Although it ended up that He was arrested and crucified because of His message – the Hope is that Whatever Happens we need to Remember Jesus’ promises and remember that God Knows what He is doing. We will also explain the Holy Week Services in the Orthodox Church and encourage the kids to participate as much as possible.



download cue card here

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STSA Lent Bingo

During Lent, we’ll be challenging kids to complete the STSA Lent Bingo. Each grade level has a different goal. When your child meets their goal, have them bring back the sheet to Sunday School by April 14th to get a prize!


upside down

“Do not think I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them, but to fulfill them.” Matthew 5:17

Have you ever thought something worked one way, only to find it didn’t? Like maybe as a kid you thought the bathtub drain was a death trap. Then you learned it couldn’t actually suck you into the sewer and that was a game changer. Or maybe you were sure that the closet should be avoided because monsters lived there. Then you learned they didn’t. That changed your morning routine for sure. Any time you learn new information, it can turn your world upside down.

This Lenten season, our teen theme is “UPSIDE DOWN” because, let’s face it, Jesus had a habit of doing just that with His teachings and with those closest to Him. He often did or said things that were the exact opposite of what anyone expected. He’d take ideas that everyone agreed with, ideas everyone would say, “Of course that’s just the way it is,” and He’d flip them upside down. He would tell people to do the exact opposite of what they thought. This was especially true when Jesus talked about how we treat people, specifically people who like us and also those who don’t, and people we don’t even notice. Over the course of Lent, we will look at Jesus’ actions and words and focus on a principle He turned upside down. We will see that when we live upside down, we care more about God’s praise than man’s praise, we love our enemies, we celebrate mercy over justice, we find hope in hopeless circumstances, and we choose others’ comfort over our own.

APRIL 7: Friendships

APRIL 14: Enemies




How Jesus Turned the World Upside-Down

Jesus was as counter-cultural as they come. He didn't conform to the status quo. He didn't align Himself comfortably with the religious communities of His time. He turned the world on it's head, challenging us to do the same.

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