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This is a fun, two-fold event coming up!

Middle and High Schoolers come hang out together for a pool party, sports, grill and preview what’s to come in Sunday School!

Parents, drop off the kids and then go on your own outing including lunch in Fredericksburg and bowling. This is a great opportunity to get to know each other, discuss parenting a teen and just have fun together!

When: Saturday, August 11th from 11am-4pm
Where: Stafford (carpool can be arranged)
RSVP:  Thursday, August 9th


4 ways to make this summer unforgettable for your family

Unforgettable moments matter in our families because while day-to-day consistency is the foundation of our relationships, we remember our lives in moments. From clarifying conversations to breathtaking risks, it’s the moments that stand out over time. 


want a quick family day trip?

Check out Northern Virginia magazine's article on 104 day trips that you can take with your family.  Choose your adventure by land, sea or sky and make some memories!


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A baby and a bush

God made you to do big things for Him! And you don’t even have to be a grown-up to do it! Just show God you are strong for Him by obeying in the little stuff more each day. 

In this unit, kids will learn about the life of Moses, from his miraculous safety after birth to his encounter with the burning bush. 

Download Bible App for Kids so you can check out these stories with your kids.  They can follow along in the story and have fun bringing the characters to life.  Also, check out the Adventure Book we send home with your kids each week so you can help them review the verse and the question and answer that we hope they learn each week.  


LISTEN to this month's song and download the lyrics HERE





Filled with ways to carry over the lessons at home

Standing Up for What's Right Even When Other's Don't

"Don't Ever Get Tired of Doing the Right Thing." 2 Thessalonians 3:13


CLASS ROTATION  Just a quick reminder that we will not be rotating classes until Labor Day Weekend. So if your child just finished up 1st grade, for example, he/she will stay in the K-1st grade Small Group until Labor Day Weekend.

THIS MONTH  We are continuing our study of the book of Daniel in August as we continue to learn about CONVICTION -STANDING UP FOR WHAT'S RIGHT, EVEN WHEN OTHER'S DON'T!

I haven't found my real life superpower yet...but last month I learned we can all be superheroes... so I'm not giving up yet. Oooh ... is being good at crossword puzzles a superpower?

Check out this month’s CUE card for more information about this month’s lessons from the Book of Daniel

PRAYER CHALLENGE CARDS  Parents–don’t forget that every week we send your children home with a Prayer Challenge Card. All they have to do is 1 day of quiet time and Agpeya Prayers to win a prize for the week. There are 4 quiet times to choose from!


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Daniel is infamous for getting on his knees in prayer even when the deed was considered against the law!  It is truly this habit that gave Daniel the strength to stand in conviction no matter what.
So… this summer we will have a personal prayer challenge for our kids as well.  We are challenging the kids to find at least one day per week to read a Bible passage and do an Agpeya prayer. One day per week – that’s it!  The weekly prayer challenge cards will have 4 days per week to choose from.  The cards will have a Bible passage and a short question / activity to help our kids pray.  After they complete the card, they also have to complete one hour of Agpeya Prayers sometime during the week (ideally the same time). 
Every time they bring back a weekly Prayer Challenge Card completed (with at least one box completed) they will win a prize!  

Please encourage your kids to participate and maybe you can even use this to refresh your family prayer time.  Check out the prayer cards for each week below. 

AUGUST 5                AUGUST 12            AUGUST 19                       AUGUST 26





This summer we are spending 2-months (July and August) diving into a really important topic we are calling “The DOUBT FACTOR.” 

It is normal to have doubts about our faith – in fact we will constantly be challenged about our beliefs, so it is important to be honest with our doubts and bring them to God.  We hope to help our teens do that in an edifying way this summer. 

We will be spending the summer on Apologetics – answering some tough questions about the Christian faith. 

July 1:  Is it Wrong to have Doubts about our Faith?  (An Intro to Apologetics) Check out this video

July 8:  Does God Exist? Check out the PARENT HANDOUT HERE.


July 22:  If God exists, Why does He seem so Hidden? Check out the PARENT HANDOUT HERE. 

July 29:  Why would a loving God allow suffering/evil in the world? Check out the PARENT HANDOUT HERE. 

August 5:  Is being a “good person” (without believing in God) – good enough? 

August 12: Who is Jesus, and what proof is there that He rose from the dead? 

August 19:  Can we really trust the Bible? Check out this video and then the PARENT HANDOUT HERE

August 26:  COMPETITION-At the end of the summer, we will turn the tables on our teens and ask students to convince us, the volunteers, of a timeless truth.  



In this book, you will find insightful and concise answers to 35 tough questions about God, Christianity and the Bible, such as:

Who created God?

Why did God create people knowing they will end up in hell?

Why is there so much evil in this world?

Can I live a good moral life without God?

It is the culmination of 15 years of Christian Apologetics (defending the Christian faith) and youth ministry.

Have any questions, comments or suggestions? We'd love to hear from you! Email