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How a parent’s affection shapes a child’s happiness for life


Beyond the scrolling

Seeing the deeper longings behind teenagers and social media


Practice Self-Love to Become an Even Better Parent


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How do you talk to your teen's heart? You have to understand more than Fortnite, Post Malone, and FOMO to deeply connect... right?

This issues today are ALL landmines without a relationship that can handle the big conversations. Sexuality, gender roles, questions about faith, how to handle athletics, and even finance -- every one of them can be vital to the teen that is devoted to an idea.

Parents must be having these conversations, but they are so hard to navigate. Fortunately, no one knows your teens are well as you and nobody is going to fight harder for your teen than you and God.

Axis is here to back you up throughout that fight. Check out the brand new Parenting Relationships Summit where 50 experts answer the question, "What key role do relationships play in raising the next generation?"

Each interview is packed with insights and encouragement to help you connect and build this vital relationship as a parent or faith leader, with the teens in your life... and it's completely free for 2 weeks!

Speakers like Dr. Les Parrott, Dennis Rainey, Dr. Meg Meeker, Jonathan Pitts, Sam Allberry, Dr. Paul David Tripp, Dr. Sean McDowell and many others will help you learn about vital topics related to your teen and give actions steps to implement in your home.

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10 Habits Christians Should Practice to Better Love One Another



How do we remain conscious about what we are doing or watching when the videos and content suggested for us is done so with such personalized precision?


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obedience and love

This month we’ll be learning about OBEDIENCE from the life of Noah. If your little one can’t get enough of Sunday School, check out this month’s video here and watch it at home.

In Turtle Time, we’re learning about how we say HELLO WITH LOVE during Liturgy. Talk to your little one about the kiss of peace and practice doing it with them. The message they’ll hear when they tickle Tim’s tummy is “We love because He first loved us.” We want them them learn that when we greet each other with a holy kiss, we are showing our love to the whole church family.







Are you trying to gain control over children or with children? Trying to gain control over children is hard. It takes constant effort. You have to be very vigilant to police the action of children so you can implement your control tactics—usually punishment and rewards…


Working together to do more than you could do alone.

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Cooperation is HUGE.  When you cooperate – you can build more, learn more…do more.  It’s important for kids to learn what the Bible says about cooperation and God’s plan for cooperation.  It is important to Him to learn in difficult times…it’s all about getting along with people.

“Two People are Better than One. They can Help each other in everything they do.”  Ecc. 4:9 NIrV

Lots of lessons in the Bible show us this, and we will be looking at examples in both the Old Testament (Moses – building the tabernacle) and in the New Testament (friends work together to help a paralyzed man get to Jesus to be healed). 

This month, think about this question, “What can you do together? What do you do together as a church to demonstrate to your children the way God designed us – not only to need each other, but also to need Him?  How can we cooperate with God on His plan to change the world?

Kids are watching us and seeing the power of cooperation and what happens when God shows His approval on people working together.  This month – let’s all do our part to make that the story of our Church.





“Those who look to Him are radiant. Their faces are never covered with shame.”  Psalm 34:5



Click the button below to read this article and then check out the rest of the Rebelution blog for articles by teens for teens who are rebelling against a culture that sets low expectations for teens. They believe in a higher calling for teens because they know that God has given them the gifts, talents, time, and energy to enter the fray of world-changers and start bringing God’s kingdom to earth “as it is in heaven.”

Have you ever seen one of those really crazy celebrity headlines or photos on social media and thought, How Embarrassing?! Maybe you’ve thought, I’d never do that! or I’d never SAY that or I’d never wear THAT in public.  But the truth is, we’ve all done things and said things we wish we hadn’t.  We’ve all had a most embarrassing moment…or a few of them.  There’s nothing wrong with feeling a little red-faced every once in a while, but when that feeling of guilt over what we’ve DONE turns into shame over who we ARE - and how we see ourselves, how we treat others, and even what we think about God…it can be really harmful. 

That’s why this month our theme is entitled SHAMELESS.  Shame is not just guilt or embarrassment over what you’ve done– it is feeling you ARE something bad, which is not from God.  In God’s eyes we are LOVED and we are precious.

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