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There's no better way to invest in your kids than to invest in your marriage!  Married People night out is a really FUN evening that helps you do just that. Feel free to invite friends! 
ThemeGet Clear on God’s Help
When: Saturday, June 16, 5-7pm
Where: CUMC


10 Ideas: Esteeming Dad on Father’s Day

Creative ways to express love and appreciation to the special dads in your life.


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Everybody's Welcome

God’s Church isn’t just a building where we learn about God. God’s Church is God’s family! Everybody is welcome in God’s family when they trust and follow Jesus. This lesson about Peter and the centurion Cornelius teaches your little ones that God has a special place for them in His Church! We all fit in God’s family.

Download Bible App for Kids so you can check out these stories with your kids.  They can follow along in the story and have fun bringing the characters to life.  Also, check out the Adventure Book we send home with your kids each week so you can help them review the verse and the question and answer that we hope they learn each week.  




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Filled with ways to carry over the lessons at home

Showing others they are important by what you say and do

"Show proper respect to everyone." 1 Peter 2:17a


Ask a kid: When is it hardest for you to show respect?

Ask a parent:  Share a story about a time when you showed respect even though you didn’t feel like it.

Ask a kid:  Have you ever felt disrespected by others because of something you couldn’t control?

Ask a parent:  What are some excuses you’ve used—or seen others use—for not giving people respect?

Ask a kid:  Who in your world is often disrespected? What can you do about it?

Ask a parent: What are some of the reasons people don’t respect others?

Ask a kid:  Who is someone in authority that you owe respect?

Ask a parent:  What is one thing we as a family can do to embrace an attitude of mutual respect?

Ask a kid:  When you respect what God created, you also show respect to Him. What else has God made that you should respect?

Ask a parent:  When you show respect for God’s creation, how could it possibly change your relationship with God?







Road signs

Driving on the road, we know its important that we all pay attention to road signs – they keep everyone safe.  If we all decided to disregard them, there would be a lot more accidents – a lot more consequences for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. 

The same holds true in life.  If we want to make WISE life choices, we need to follow God’s Road Signs.  This month we will look at the wisdom in the book of Proverbs as well as some Orthodox Saints’ stories as we help our middle-schoolers understand how to contemplate wise choices. 

Week 1 (ONE-WAY) we will explore a young man in Proverbs 7:6-26 who was tempted to steer off course.  Sometimes knowing the right way to go is not enough, we have to actually head in that direction trusting that God knows better.  

The Bottom Line is:  Your direction, not your intention, determines your destination.

Week 2 (CAUTION) we will discuss Proverbs 27:12, which tells us that when the prudent see danger, they take refuge – only a fool would keep going.  We see that most clearly in the story of St. Mary of Egypt who lived a life doing whatever she wanted for so long until she encountered a clear sign that she could not ignore.  

The Bottom Line Is:  When you see a warning sign, turn around.

Week 3 (YIELD) we will discuss the dangers of being wise in your own eyes rather than leaning on God’s understanding.  (Proverbs 3:5-7).  Our Blessed Holy Theotokos, St. Mary, is the best example of living a life of obedience / total surrender to God’s will.  

The Bottom Line Is: Divine Direction Begins with Surrender.

Week 4 (REST STOP) we will close out the month talking about the importance of finding focus and avoiding distractions, in our tech-filled world.  Proverbs 4:25-27 tells us to keep our eyes focused on the path in front of us, but in this day in age – it seems so hard with all the distractions.  In the story of St. Bishoy, a bunch of monks were so focused on reaching the top of a mountain to see a miracle, that they missed the miracle completely.  

The Bottom Line Is:  When you give something your attention, you move in that direction.



Why should we memorize the Creed if we don’t fully understand the importance of it?  We will be answering crucial questions regarding the Creed.  We are looking forward to this month-long journey to understand and (hopefully) value the ancient roots of our Orthodox Faith.


The Creed is not in the Bible – so where did it come from?

Did you know the Creed was a product of 3 Ecumenical Councils of our Church as the Defenders of Our Faith sought out to defeat heretical teachings? The formation and purpose of these Councils can be traced back to Biblical times (Acts 15) and really gives us confidence in the ancient roots of our Church and the proclamation of our faith in the Orthodox Creed.


Um… so what are we even talking about when we recite the Creed?

It is a proclamation of our Faith – it explains what we believe as far as the HOLY TRINITY and the One Body of Christ (the Church). This week we will dive into the Orthodox Church’s understanding of THE HOLY TRINITY


“We believe in one Lord Jesus Christ, the Only-Begotten Son of God, begotten of the Father before all ages; Light of Light, true God of true God, begotten not created, of one essence with the Father, by whom all things were made; Who for us men and for our salvation came down from heaven, and was incarnate of the Holy spirit and the Virgin Mary and became Man…”

Anyone else notice that the majority of our Orthodox Creed focuses on Who is Jesus?  This week we will focus in on the DIVINE AND HUMAN NATURE OF CHRIST – and who exactly we proclaim Jesus is in the Orthodox Church.

WEEK 4:  WHY are we referred as the “ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC & APOSTOLIC” Church?

The nature of our Orthodox Church being ONE and of an Apostolic succession is one of the reasons our faith is so special.  This week we will explore what “the Church” in the Orthodox Creed means to us as Orthodox Christians.


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