It’s almost Turkey Time! Here are some resources that we hope you will find helpful this month.

  • Making the Most of Meal Time

  • Teaching Gratitude at Each Age

  • Raising Thankful Child

  • Am I Expecting Too Much of My Child?

  • Book Recommendation: Help! I’m Bored in Church

  • What are we learning in Sunday School this month?

    • Tots: Big Picnic

    • Kids: Service

    • Teens: Is Church Boring?

RESOURCES and events



In Deuteronomy 6, Moses mentions four specific times in the day when the families are to recall the law God has given them: sitting at home, walking along the road, lying down, and getting up. Our version of “sitting at home” is MEAL TIME. The goal of this time to establish your family values, so how do you do that? Check out the article for practical meal time conversation tips.


Teaching gratitude at each age

Check out these age-appropriate ideas for using Thanksgiving to cultivate an attitude of gratitude in your children.


Raising a Thankful Child

Four Ways to Teach and Train Thankfulness into Your Kid


Am I expecting too much of my child?

Check out these age-specific guides to find out what you can expect at each age of your child’s spiritual development. Hopefully these guides will help us be more realistic in our expectations of our children and will help us appreciate them on a whole new level.


book recommendation

This month our teens are learning about Liturgical worship and asking themselves, “Is church boring?” Do YOU ever find yourself feeling bored in church? Don't despair you're not alone, and there is hope! Fr. David Smith offers four compelling reasons for going to church regardless of how we feel. He then explores six reasons people sometimes feel bored in church, five ways to think about your priest, four ways you can participate more fully in services, three kinds of waiting, two kinds of prayer, and the one thing truly needful in our relationship with God. This book will help you see church as the best place you could possibly be and the place you most want to be.


18 MONTHS  to


PREK bike.jpg

The big picnic

What better topic to cover during the month we celebrate Thanksgiving than the Feeding of the 5,000. In this series, kids will learn that no matter how big their problems are, God is bigger! They can trust God to take care of their problems with His big, strong power.  In this unit, we'll look at the miracle Jesus performed when he turned one boy's lunch into enough loaves and fishes to feed a huge crowd. 

Download Bible App for Kids so you can check out these stories with your kids.  They can follow along in the story and have fun bringing the characters to life.  Also, check out the Adventure Book we send home with your kids each week so you can help them review the verse and the question and answer that we hope they learn each week.  

Screenshot 2018-10-31 11.21.46.png

can your kids tell you the memory verse?

See if they can remember the hand motions for each part of the verse too.

Turtle Time Picture Schedule Card.jpg

It’s turtle time!

Turtle Time is an interactive book that teaches basic Orthodox concepts to our little ones. This month’s Turtle Time chapter is titled Guest of Honor. We talk about what “saint” and “intercession” mean and we specifically talk about how Saint Mary is so special.

Our key phrase that they will hear when they Tickle Tim’s Tummy is from the Holy Liturgy,

Through the intercession of the Theotokos, Saint Mary, O Lord, grant us the forgiveness of our sins.”

See if your child can repeat it back to you.






“Let your light shine so others can see it. Then they will see the good things you do. And they will bring glory to your Father who is in heaven.” Matthew 5:16 NIV

When we hear the word "service" we tend to think of a waiter at a restaurant or maybe "tech support" at work or even those annoying repairmen that give you a five hour window to come to your house to fix your cable.  From a biblical standpoint, we quickly see that service is not so much what people do for us, but rather what we are supposed to be doing for the people around us. 
Even though Jesus deserved all the honor and glory in heaven, He came to serve, and we are to follow His example. 
That's why November we are teaching our Kids all about 
SERVICE -  Lending a Hand to Help Others.  

We will be talking about how Jesus came to be an example of service – He humbled Himself to show love to others.  We will talk about the miracle of when Jesus was able to feed 5,000 people all because one little boy was willing to give what he had.  Finally, we will talk about the faith of the widow of Zeraphath and Elijah the prophet.   

We’ll be putting our words into action this month by serving our homeless brothers and sisters in DC during our Inside Out event. If you’ve never attended Inside Out, this is when we gather as a church family to serve hot food and much needed supplies to the homeless at Franklin Square. This would be a great opportunity for you to serve as a family and show our kids first-hand what it means to lend a hand to help someone else. Inside Out will take place on Sunday, November 25th right after Liturgy in Franklin Square. On Sunday, November 4th, all the students at Kids at The Well will make an uplifting card in Sunday School that will be passed out during Inside Out. So even if you can’t be there because you’re traveling for Thanksgiving, your child will still have an opportunity to serve by making a card to lift someone’s spirits.

This month don’t forget our Memorization Challenge: 

— 1-4 grade are challenged to memorize the ORTHODOX CREED 

— 5-6 grade are challenged to memorize the THANKSGIVING PRAYER 

Let us know by Thanksgiving if your child has completed the Challenge and they will receive a special prize from Fr. Anthony! 

Thank you all for your continued support and prayers.



7th-12th grades




Lets be honest for a second – some people – nobody in particular, but some people may find the Church Liturgy to be somewhat tedious… somewhat… well, boring.   What’s really interesting about this – especially in the Coptic Church, is that you see the opposite too – you see people who can’t get enough of Church … who are even willing to die for their faith. 

Now – if you are one of those people that are in “Camp Boring” – you may wonder what it is you are missing about the Liturgy.  There’s gotta be something really special about Liturgical worship to get such a passionate reaction out of so many faithful people over so many centuries.   

That’s why this month, the teens will be answering a very important question in our new series:  IS CHURCH BORING? 

 This month is all about figuring out what “IT” is that we might be missing – that factor that seems to separate us from experiencing a deep spiritual connection to God versus Church just being another thing we do out of obligation, habit, or ritual. 

  • Week 1:  we will see that Church IS Boring…if it’s just another obligation 

  • Week 2:  we will see that Church IS Boring…if it’s about “Me” instead of “We” 

  • Week 3:  we will see that Church IS Boring…if it’s not about Christ 

 By the end of the month, we hope our teens see that Church IS Unity with Christ – and there’s nothing boring about that. 

 “And let them make Me a sanctuary, that I may dwell among them.’” Exodus 25:8.

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