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Checklist for a Successful School Year

PHASE Guides to help parents encourage spiritual growth at each age

Wise Parenting Dos and Don'ts from 1886

Make the Most of Everyday Moments, even Morning Time!

Pediatricians May Soon Write Persciptions for "Play"

Understand the Brain Using the Palm of Your Hand

Maintain Your Schedule Sanity While Supporting Your Teen's Success

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In Deuteronomy 6, Moses has received the Ten Commandments and is telling the Israelites what to do with what they just heard. He mentions four specific times in the day when the families are to recall the law God has given them: sitting at home, walking along the road, lying down, and getting up. Moses points out these times of day to make a point to the people he is leading. Make the time you have count by building into the quantity of your everyday moments, the space to create quality moments to talk about the things that are important. 

Check out the article for practical morning tips.


every phase in a kid's life is a unique opportunity for parents to influence their future

Check out these age-specific guides to find out how to best leverage these distinct opportunities to encourage spiritual growth in your child.  


Wise Parenting Dos and Don’ts From 1886

You'll get a kick out of this! It looks like not much has changed in the world of parenting since 1886 except it sounds so much more sophisticated when they said it. 


Pediatricians May Soon Write Prescriptions For "Play" Because Kids Need To Be Kids

A new clinical report from the American Academy of Pediatricians has recommended that doctors begin prescribing play to children during check-ups in order to help boost their growth and development.  In a society that is too obsessed with milestones and success, kids are not allowed to just be kids, and it's taking a toll on them.  


Start the school year off right

Check out these ways to help make this transition back to school as smooth as possible. 



These free videos will help you answer the 5 vital questions all parents are asking about their teens' smartphones: 

 When should I get my kid a phone? If at all?

 What do I do if they already have one and it's out of control? 

 How do I build trust with my teen and keep a heart connection with them?

 Is there a way for me to not always be seen as defensive or "the bad guy" when it comes to phones?

 How can I think Biblically about our families' phones? 


Maintain Your Schedule Sanity While Supporting Your Teen’s Success

by Shaunti Feldhahn


Understand the Brain Using the Palm of Your Hand


With two flipped lids face to face (yours and the child's), how much helpful problem solving do you think is happening? Who is listening? When you and the child are in a “flipped lid” state, is this the time to teach or try to solve the conflict? 


18 MONTHS  to


PREK bike.jpg

Through the roof

This lesson walks your child through the story of the sick man who was lowered through the ceiling by his friends so that Jesus could heal him. Through the Roof teaches your kids age 2 through kindergarten about the love and healing power of Jesus, and the faith we can have in Him. 

Download Bible App for Kids so you can check out these stories with your kids.  They can follow along in the story and have fun bringing the characters to life.  Also, check out the Adventure Book we send home with your kids each week so you can help them review the verse and the question and answer that we hope they learn each week.  


CHeck out the parent guide to follow through with the lesson at home





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Filled with ways to carry over the lessons at home


“Work at everything you do with all your heart. Work as if you were working for the Lord.” Colossians 3:23a, NIrV

Have you ever noticed how some people have a knack for walking in a room and noticing...everything.  That spilled orange juice that needs to be cleaned up; the crooked picture on the wall; the untucked shirt on someone.  Maybe you are one of those people! 
What if that ability is actually more about training yourself to open your eyes and pay attention more than just a natural ability?  Because when it comes down to it, seeing what needs to be done is not just about training yourself to see what's around you - it's about doing something about what you've seen! 
That's why this month our Large Group environment is going to be an environment that needs some cleaning up!   
It's a dirty job - but someone has to do it.  Shouldn't we train our kids to open their eyes, be aware of their surroundings... AND get involved?? 
This month's Virtue: 
INITIATIVE:  Seeing what needs to be done and Doing it.  
We are learning a Biblical example of Initiative by studying the life of NEHEMIAH this month.  Each week will be another lesson on Nehemiah's story as he took initiative and stepped up to repair Jerusalem when no one else would. 



7th-12th grades




Hi Teen Parents! 

Screenshot 2018-08-28 10.58.51.png

We are excited to kick-off a new School Year with a cool Teen Program!  Your teen will be bringing home a handout each week filled with notes, the key verse and something to share with you.  Talk to them about it so you can continue the conversation at home.   

For the month of September we will be talking about GOSSIP.  Gossip, or whispering behind someone’s back, whether it is true or false never amounts to anything good.  It destroys relationships, negates people, and reduces our ability to empathize.  

Words have the unique ability to create worlds.  God literally spoke the world into existence.  Genesis 1.  Words not only have the power to create life, they also have the power to destroy life.  When used incorrectly, words can dehumanize and destroy people.  We have to be careful about our spoken language, but also the words we choose on social media.  Are we using our language to build others up and speak life, or are we destroying others?  What world are we creating with our words?   

This month we hope to encourage our teens to be more responsible about the language they use, but also to understand why we have the temptation to gossip and how God wants us to act instead when there is conflict or when we feel insecure.   

“Keep Your Tongue from Evil and Your Lips from Speaking Deceit.”  Psalm 34:13

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