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We think you’re doing something AMAZING and hope that you realize how important you are!

This TIm’s Tots Volunteer Team Webpage has all the information you need to serve our little ones. We hope this page is helpful to you as you volunteer. You’ll find . . .

  • tips and reminders

  • curriculum

  • music to play during playtime

  • training videos for new teachers and assistants

  • set-up and clean-up instructions

  • Sunday schedule

  • roles and responsibilities for teachers and assistants

Questions? Comments?

Email Jessica Sadek, Tim’s Tots Team Leader or Sandra Mattar, Director of Children and Youth.

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  • You asked for Preschool Classroom Management Techniques and Jessica compiled this great article full of wonderful ideas! Check it out HERE.

  • If you need to find a replacement, check out this handout of Scheduling Tips to see just how easy it is to do that.

  • Not sure if you’re on the schedule? Login to mySTSA and click on the heart icon.

music playlists

Play one of these playlists as kids enter and during playtime.

music on spotify

LOGIN information

  • Email: smattar@stsa.church

  • Password: stsastsa



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MAy: The best for last

This month’s chapter is about communion and our key phrase is We worship Your Holy Body and Your Precious Blood.

Please read this chapter on the following dates:

May 5

May 12

May 19

May 26: No Sunday School

June 2


It is finished (EASTER)

Jesus gave us exactly what we needed. He showed love for EVERYONE when He died for EVERYONE’S sins on the cross. Three days later, He came back to life! When we choose to follow Jesus, He takes the sin right out of our hearts, so we can love others the way He loves us.

Week 1: May 5

K2-K3: Prop A

K4-K5: Prop D

Week 2: May 12

K2-K3: Prop B

K4-K5: Prop A

Week 3: May 19

K2-K3: Prop C

K4-K5: Prop B

May 26: No School Sunday School

Week 4: June 2

K2-K3: Prop D

K4-K5: Prop C

For all of this month’s curriculum resources, CLICK HERE.

new teachers and assistants start here

Welcome to Tim's Tots!  We're so glad you're volunteering with us.  In order to get you ready to serve our little ones, we ask that you watch all the training videos below. 

There are a total of 4 video training sessions that are essential to understanding the Tim's Tots Curriculum.  The first 3 videos can all be accessed from the link on the left that says "WATCH 3 TRAINING VIDEOS".  The final video is specifically for Turtle Time and can be viewed by clicking on the video to right.  You will need to set aside 1 hour and 10 minutes to watch all 4 videos. 

Thank you for volunteering with Tim's Tots!  You will have a blast!


Classroom Assignments

Please see the classroom assignment board near the Check-In Table on the third floor to know where your class meets.

Scheduling tips

Learn how to accept/decline volunteer requests, find a replacement volunteer or find out who is volunteering with you. Check out these Scheduling Tips.  


Found on the back cover of the curriculum folder

Set-up & Clean-Up Instructions

Found on the front cover of the curriculum folder


Description of Lead Teacher and Assistant roles and responsibilities

Play 11:10-11:35

·  Lead Teacher: Choose any playlist from the Music Playlists section above to play Music

·  Lead Teacher: Lay out Toys With A Purpose in separate parts of the room

. Lead Teacher: Go to folder and get the Prop Talk Guide and Picture Passes for yourself and layout the Story Cards, Adventure Books, Small Group Guides and Story Time Supply bags for each assistant and yourself

·  Lead Teacher & Assistants: Play with the kids


Clean Up 11:35

·  Lead Teacher: Play Video to start Clean Up song

·  Lead Teacher and Assistants: Put Toys With A Purpose back in bag and put bag in bin

·  Lead Teacher: Break up kids into Small Groups and have assistants sit with their group and your group sit near you in the front of the room

·  Lead Teacher: Pause video


Turtle Time 11:40-11:50

·  Lead Teacher: Read story of the month to the class

·  Lead Teacher: Each time the book cues you to Tickle the Turtle’s Tummy, give the stuffed turtle to a student and ask them to squeeze the tummy to hear the Take Home Message


Prop Talk 11:50-11:55

·  Lead Teacher: Use Prop Talk Leader Guide and get Prop from K4-K5 bin, Orange bag in K4-K5 bin (see sign on bag and Prop Talk Leader Guide to know which prop to use in each class each week)

·  Lead Teacher: Kids sit with Small Groups while one leader teaches everyone using the prop of the week and the Prop Talk Leader Guide


Movie & Music, Snacks 11:55-12:20

·  Assistant: Distributes snack and water to kids as they are seated

. Lead Teacher: Unpause video to play the Bible Adventure

·  Lead Teacher and Assistants: Encourage kids to respond to video cues as video plays

·  Lead Teacher and Assistants: Kids remain in Small Groups to watch the video


Picture Passes 12:20-12:25

·  Lead Teacher and Assistants: Kids sit with Small Groups while one leader teaches everyone

·  Lead Teacher: Use Picture Passes and Adventure Bag to review that week’s questions from the back of each Picture Pass


Story Time & Adventure Books 12:25-12:45

·  Lead Teacher and Assistants: Use Small Group Leader Guide and Story Cards

·  Lead Teacher and Assistants: Follow the Small Group Leader Guide to lead their Small Groups individually.

.  Lead Teacher and Assistants: When it's time to pray, pray using the sign of the cross and Our Father.  Feel free to add a personal prayer if you'd like. 

·  Lead Teacher and Assistants: Give each child an Adventure Book to complete using stickers and crayons found in the Story Time Supply Bag

. Lead Teacher: Say something positive about the child to their parents at pick up