Volunteering helps me to feel like I'm invested in my community, and that my community is invested in me.
Volunteering with the kids at STSA has been incredibly inspiring. Seeing their smiles and laughing and learning with them fills my heart with so much joy.
Leisure Groups are a great way to meet new people doing the things you already love.
Volunteering has grown me in ways I never thought. I can be a direct part of the building up of the congregation, and I get to do it alongside some of the best people.
I just loved my life group experience. I'm still relatively new to STSA and the Coptic church so this really helped to get to know people beyond the small talk between liturgy and the Well.
Sundays are generally pretty busy at church. Leisure Groups give me the chance to really get to know people.
It's an incredibly exciting feeling to meet and greet someone new to the church. The reaction is always positive which just reaffirms that what I do is in the spirit of brotherhood.
I got a lot more from The Well because of attending life group. The discussions and hearing others views, struggles and experiences were very impactful.
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