Who WE Are 

St. Timothy & St. Athanasius Coptic Orthodox Church (STSA) was founded in Arlington in 2012, with the vision of bringing an ancient faith to a modern world. We present eternal truths that have been around for 2,000 years in a way that's real and relevant to modern culture. We are a place where people can unite to worship God as one family – regardless of ethnic, cultural or spiritual background.


How we do it

We bring an ancient faith to a modern world by encouraging and equipping people to passionately pursue God through life and learning groups, experience transformational worship through the liturgy, build authentic community in leisure groups and events, and influence the world around them through volunteering and with powerful messages.


Who leads us

Our priest, Fr. Anthony Messeh has served as the leader of STSA since it’s inception. He doesn’t exactly fit the mold of what you’d expect from an Orthodox priest. Once you get past the black robe and beard, you’ll quickly discover that he is light-hearted, energetic, and has a great sense of humor. Even within his priestly duties, Fr. Anthony represents God in a way that’s relatable to just about anyone.


Our Sunday

Each Sunday we hold two services, a liturgical worship service followed by The Well, a service with uplifting music and an inspiring, relevant message. Our children and youth programs are also held during this time. Everyone is welcome to join us any Sunday.


STSA Locally & Nationally

At the very core of our church belief is the notion that we were put in the DC Metro area to show genuine love for the community around us. In order to fulfill that belief, the HOPE Multiplied was established to be our hands and feet to the Arlington community. Beyond serving our own Arlington community, Hope Multiplied provides leadership development, material and resources to aid churches and their leaders in strategic growth and collaboration in order to build God’s kingdom all over the world.



We exist to transform lives in the DC metro area through an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ founded upon the life and teachings of the Orthodox faith.



We believe that the Church of the New Testament – which is the Body of Christ – is alive today in the same way that Christ – who is the Head – is alive as well. Therefore our aim is to continue in the footsteps of the New Testament Church and follow the model given in Acts 2.



1. Limitless Acceptance

2. Authentic Community

3. Transformational Communal Worship

4. Passionate Pursuit of God

5. Christ-like Integrity

6. Faith-filled Vision

7. Irrational Generosity

8. Faithful Stewardship of Talents/Gifts

9. Personal Call to Evangelism

10. Genuine Love for our Community

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